We’d like to invite you to an important Town Hall on Tuesday 4/9 at 4 PM, shortly after we expect Princeton to announce their position on our union petition and before our hearing begins the next day. At the Town Hall we will update everyone on Princeton’s response and discuss next steps, including any critical decisions we need to make. See below for more context. Please join us to be part of the conversation!


Jessica Ng
PUPS Organizing Committee
Postdoctoral Research Associate
High Meadows Environmental Institute


  • Last Tuesday, 4/2, we filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to hold an election for our union with authorization cards signed by 66% of postdocs and scholars. The election will be a vote by Princeton postdocs and scholars on whether or not to form our union and after a successful election, we will be able to start bargaining for improvements to our working conditions.

  • By this Tuesday 4/9 at 12 PM, Princeton is legally obligated to release their position on our petition, which must include any issues they intend to dispute relating to election logistics and who would be eligible to vote in our election.

  • At the Town Hall, we will discuss Princeton’s response to our petition and how to move forward.

  • On Wednesday 4/10 at 10 AM, our pre-election hearing is scheduled to begin. At this hearing, both Princeton and we as PUPS will present evidence to support our position on the unit we have petitioned for. The hearing could last a few days or longer depending on the topics being discussed. The NLRB will decide any pending issues based on evidence presented at the hearings, before scheduling a vote.