RSVP for our next informational Town Hall, May 1st @ 11am!

We are writing with a few updates to help keep everyone informed as we move towards our union election, where we will have the opportunity to vote yes for our union, Princeton University Postdocs and Scholars-UAW (PUPS-UAW). The more of us who vote “yes” in our election, the stronger the mandate we will have in negotiations for a first union contract with Princeton.

As a reminder, here is some logistical information on our election:

  • Date: Wednesday, 5/8 and Thursday, 5/9
  • Time: 9m-1pm and 2pm-6pm
  • Location: Frist Campus Center Room 302
  • Eligible Voters: Postdoctoral Research Associates, Postdoctoral Research Fellows, Associate Research Scholars, Senior Research Assistants, and Postgraduate Research Associates.
  • Note: Please make sure to bring your Princeton ID, or another form of ID, with you to the polls.

We will be holding our next informational postdoc Town Hall next Wednesday, 5/1 at 11am in Friend Center 004. Previous town halls have been a great way to meet with other postdocs, get answers to any questions you may have on unionization, and hear from unionized researchers at other institutions. Let us know if you can make it!

Over the past few weeks, the Princeton administration has taken actions that seem intended to discourage us from voting yes for our union. Among other actions, they have continued to circulate a “frequently asked questions” page that contains no examples of the many improvements negotiated by thousands of postdocs around the country, or the fact that our petition for a union election was supported by more than two-thirds of postdocs at Princeton. Check out our side-by-side review of their FAQ page.

Princeton also recently scheduled a university-wide meeting to help postdocs “consider whether unionization is right for you and our Princeton community”, as well as sending emails to our PIs. If your PI asks to meet with you about the union, and you would like to talk about what to expect, email us at If Princeton’s communications have raised any questions for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, or attend our upcoming town hall next week.

We hope that you can join us next week as we move forward on this journey together.


Manuel Schottdorf
PUPS-UAW Organizing Commitee
Associate Research Scholar
Princeton Neuroscience Institute